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16v Racing Battery *GEN2*

16v Racing Battery *GEN2*


GO Lithium 16 Volt GEN 2 Ultralight Battery


The Ultimate Racing Battery Has Arrived !!

Go Lithium is turning the Lithium market on it head with our $995 Retail price...Our battery exceeds all performance figures from the competitors batteries which have retail pricing from $1600.00 to $2200.00 !

The anvil reliable GO Lithium Prismatic Lithium Cells have been in service and battle tested for 10 years... No other Lithium battery manufacturer can claim that !!

Rather than using an existing design we started from a clean slate and have produced the only lithium racing battery specifically designed for the harsh racing environment!

From its 9 pound ultra light weight, which is approximately 35 pounds lighter than other light weight racing batteries, to its Incredibly Flat Energy Discharge Curve,faster cranking speed, ultra hot ignition spark and higher sustained voltage our Lithium Power Source has become the benchmark for all Racing Batteries!

Whether Drag or Circle Track Racing with our Battery you will be making the same horsepower from the green, to victory circle.Racing with a hotter, more consistent ignition spark and no fear of detonation.

The GO Lithium Ultralight Lithium Battery is also internally balanced. This ensures that the battery discharges and charges its prismatic cells equally.
Cell balancing on the battery increases the durability and lifespan of the product dramatically. It is also an expensive option when building lithium batteries and that is why some (most) companies don’t do it.




  • 16 Volt
  • No Internal Wiring
  • Large Scale Billet Terminals
  • 1250 Cranking
  • 20 AMP Hours of Reserve Power
  • Superior Prismatic Cell Technology
  • Internal Battery Management Circuitry
  • Alternator Compatible - 100 AMP Maximum with a max charge voltage of 17.75
  • Only 9 Pounds
  • 10 Year Service Life
  • Small Impact Resistant Case Size of 8.75" x 3.125" x "6.95


  • Full 1 Year Replacement and Three year Prorated Warranty for any manufacture defects !
    *If damaged by user, discounted repairs/rebuilds for LIFE of product* 

    *This product will have a Hazmat charge of $49.00 added to the standard shipping rate


    Address: 408 Roosevelt Street
    Coleraine, MN 55722

    Phone: (800)393-9951


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